Genre: Timeslip / Space Opera

Length: Novella Series

Available via Scrib'd / Bryant Street Publishing in Audiobook and Digital Editions. Leanna narrates the Audiobook! 


"A masterful tale of multiple timelines; one woman, split between four lives…"


Elizabeth Marlowe has always known she was different—even from others with psychic abilities. She doesn’t merely glimpse past or future lives, she lives multiple lives concurrently. She is L’Bet, a druid priestess holding out against the Roman invasion. She is Lizzie, a headstrong Victorian plumbing the depths of both science and Spiritualism. She is Beth, a Royal Air Force pilot fighting in World War II. And she is Captain Liz, a starship commander forging a path through the stars. But being different comes with danger. Liz is determined to make it on her own, hiding her unusual ability from all but one trusted companion in each life. Yet, she is haunted by an ominous warning from her old mentor, Saire: Someday they’ll fear you. People fear what they cannot understand, and it is only a matter of time before those with psychic powers are targeted for their difference. When that happens, Liz will have to choose between her life of independence and saving the community she rejected long ago.


Return to the world of Leanna Renee Hieber’s Dark Nest trilogy with the start of a new series that spans eras and galaxies!



"Not More Lovely Than Full of Glee" - Featured in A WINTER'S TALE anthology


Length: Short Story 


A Sequel to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Oval Portrait"


Coming soon from Pavane Press!





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Length: Short Story 


In this rare contemporary-set horror story, a sharp contrast to all the rest of Leanna's work, a young woman meets the legendary local ghost of her dreams... At a dangerous cost...  


Length: Short Story 

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One shy, uncannily talented Victorian hair jeweler doesn't know what she's in for when a handsome Scotsman enters her London shop. Neither does he...


Genre: Space Opera

Length: Novellas or in 3-Novella Compilation


Dark Nest (2018 Prism Award Winner for Best Novella)

Dark Nest: Reckoning

Dark Nest: Song of Saire

The Dark Nest Chronicles (all 3 in one volume)

Available via Scrib'd / Bryant Street Publishing in Audiobook & Digital Editions!

THE SPARK - An Eterna Files prequel

Length: Novella

Available in digital and trade paperback.

Print: Barnes and Noble

Kindle & Print: Amazon


Theorist, Spiritualist and New Orleans native Louis Dupris leaves his former life behind to join the secret, unorthodox Eterna Commission in New York City as their strange cabal attempts to find the cure for death. Led by Spiritualists and mediums, Senator Rupert Bishop and his enigmatic ward, Clara Templeton, the covert Eterna Commission was created from torturous grief surrounding the assassination of President Lincoln. Over a decade later, with no progress made, Dupris and his unique ideas might give the Commission new life, but his own is endangered in the process. Not only must he and Clara hide a newfound passion for one another, one that has been expressly forbid, but he must contend with the sudden appearance of his long-lost and unreliable twin brother who arrives bringing significant trouble of his own. When Dupris discovers what he believes is an unprecedented breakthrough in localized magic, an incredible, life-saving and protective measure, he awakens a terrible, violent force. He races to alert his forbidden love before his spirit gives out and he’s no use to anyone dead or alive.

Print: Barnes and Noble - Kindle & Print: Amazon

Praise for Hieber and The Eterna Files:

“Smart, boundlessly creative Gaslamp Fantasy.” -RT Book Reviews

“Hieber expertly blends intriguing supernatural elements and interesting, quirky characters in an authentic historical setting. Readers who enjoy a skillful mixture of history and paranormal elements will be well pleased.” – Bitten by Books


Length: Novella (20,000 words)


New York City: The Year is 1889.

New York City: The year is 2089.

In 1889 a group of bold pseudo-scientists discover the "temporal current" and begin to view the distant futures that await the Empire City. In the future, all life as we know it has crumbled, leaving New York City a ghost town with a populous scrabbling to survive underground. In the past it's up to an unlikely group of Victorian heroines and heroes to preserve something of their world to save their future generations. In the future it's up to an unlikely group of future survivors to take a leap of faith; discovering what their ancestors left for them with no more guarantees than love and hope. -- Order from:

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Genre: Futuristic Paranormal

Length: Novella 

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First featured in The Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance

Edited by Trisha Telep

Leanna's short story "Song of Saire" features the patriarch and matriarch of a psychic people struggling to save their clan from extinction, featured in her DARK NEST saga of futuristic paranormal novellas,.


Length: Short Story 


(Running Press (US) Constable and Robinson (UK))  Edited by Ekaterina Sedia with Foreword by Scott Westerfeld. Features "At Will", a story of a young Shakespearean actress in the 1890s who sets London ablaze with speculation and scandal. (Click here for ToC--Barnes and Noble

Now Available from Tor Books
Now Available from Tor Books


Length: Short Story 

QUEEN VICTORIA'S BOOK OF SPELLS: A Collection of Gaslamp Fantasy

Edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

Features Leanna's "Charged" about a troubled young man's relationship to electricity. The origin story for "Mr. Mosley from Leanna's Eterna Files & Spectral City series

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Length: Short Story

CANDLE IN THE ATTIC WINDOW: An Anthology of Gothic Horror, features Leanna's short story "At the Doorstep" - an eerie insight into her Magic Most Foul world of 1880 New York City where black magic holds court with those unfortunate enough to be drawn into the fight of their lives.

-- ORDER from Innsmouth Press 



Favorite Lady can be found in THE BEST 10 MINUTE PLAYS, 3 or More Actors, 2004, edited by Michael Bigelow Dixon


Favorite Lady was a finalist in the National Ten-Minute Play competition sponsored by the Humana Festival.  The play has won regional festival awards and continues to be produced around the country. Favorite Lady was inspired by intense, hot-headed discussions in Leanna's college Art History class.


The Best 10 Minute Plays for 3 or More Actors, 2004Available from Amazon



Adapted monologues of this play are available in the AUDITION ARSENAL 101 series. Erin and Dave's monologues can be found in their gender category:

     - Women in Their 20s: Available from

     - Men in Their 20s: Available from


ATTENTION THEATRE STUDENTS:  for those requiring the one-act script of Dreaming of a White House in its entirety, the script is available by contacting Leanna directly via the Contact page.  




BY THE LIGHT OF TIFFANY: A Meeting with Clara Driscoll

Award-winning author, playwright and classically trained actress Leanna Renee Hieber channels the talented artist Clara Wolcott Driscoll, designer of iconic Tiffany lamps and the manager of the Women’s Glass Cutting Department of Tiffany Studios from the late 19th century to 1909. Infused with passion and dedication, By the Light of Tiffany is a one hour, one-woman presentation adapted from Driscoll’s personal letters, historical record and inspiring insights. This 'meeting with the artist' showcases the vitality, innovation and importance of women in the decorative arts movement. For more information, please visit the show page.


THE ALICE ADVENTURE: Works of Lewis Carroll

Created, adapted and performed by Leanna Renee Hieber from the work of Lewis Carroll and the diary of Alice Pleasance Liddell.  The Alice Adventure, a one-woman step through the looking glass, was produced by and for The Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival.



Created, adapted and performed by Leanna Renee Hieber from Ranier Maria Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet and selected poetry.  Yours, Rilke was produced by and for Miami University.



 -Leanna has written the book for this musical ("book" = script) Please Note: This project is currently on hiatus.


FOR ALL PRODUCTION RIGHTS AND INQUIRIES, please use the Contact page of this website. 


Leanna is a very proud member of unions Actors Equity (AEA), the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and The Dramatist's Guild. She is also a proud member of the Mystery Writers of America, The Science Fiction / Fantasy Writers of America, the Historical Novels Society and the International Thriller Writers.


A SUMMONING OF SOULS (Spectral City 3) - Now available in digital & paperback wherever books are sold!
A SUMMONING OF SOULS (Spectral City 3) - Now available in digital & paperback wherever books are sold!
NEW EDITION, books 1 & 2 via Tor Books!
NEW EDITION, books 1 & 2 via Tor Books!


Leanna steps into non-fiction for the first time with A HAUNTED HISTORY OF INVISIBLE WOMEN, co-authored with Andrea Janes and Elizabeth Kerri Mahon, coming 2022 from Kensington Books! 


THE SPECTRAL CITY trilogy with Kensington Books, now available across all formats and platforms!


THE ETERNA SOLUTION is here! Read a rave review via Criminal Element!


Read "The Spark" a FREE novella in the ETERNA FILES world!


Check out Barnes & Noble's Exclusive cover reveal of PERILOUS PROPHECY!

Leanna is featured in the Gaslamp Fantasy anthology QUEEN VICTORIA'S BOOK OF SPELLS!

 DARKER STILL: A Novel of Magic Most Foul has been named an ABA Indie Next title! 


The Dark Nest Chronicles are now together for the first time!


The Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess wins the 2012 Prism Award for Best Fantasy!

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